Friday, April 15, 2016

TGIF - Don't Break The Diet!

So it's Friday. Your week has been crazy hectic and busy. You have done well on your diet and you realize you deserve a "Cheat Day"........DON'T DO IT! I tried this for so long. The Cheat Day turned into Cheat Weekend turned into Cheat Month and next thing I knew, none of my pants would button. My advice is don't deprive yourself. Make a lifestyle change and choose healthier options. When I did Weight Watchers years ago they talked about when you want something sweet get some Fat Free Jello or a Fudge Pop. Well for me that was not a good option. I was like I would rather lick the floor than eat that tasteless stuff and end up hungrier than I was to start with! So here you go my friends, my chocolate loving friends who are about to go off the deep end this weekend. Here is my super secret, magic answer, diet friendly snack!

May I present to you, Brownie Brittle. And you can just hear the angels singing.......this little gem only has 120 Calories, 4g Fat, 21g Carbs per serving. When I just want a taste of something sweet, I don't even eat a full serving! You can find them at Sam's, Costco or at your local store usually around the Bakery.

So here you go. Check this out and don't ruin that hard work you have put in to get healthier. Have a great weekend! 

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