Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It Works Cleanse - Round 2

Have you ever done a Cleanse? Does just hearing the word make you cringe thinking about not eating and running to the bathroom constantly?! That is how I felt for sure. I heard horror stories about people starving to death only drinking liquid to lose weight and then gain it right back in a few days. Well, I am a leader with It Works so when they announced our new Cleanse product I knew I had to try so I could share my honest opinion.

Round 1, I was prepared for the worst only to find out I didn't even realize I was doing it and dropped 4lbs in 2 days!! I kept that off for a month and here I am with Round 2. Finished yesterday and lost 7lbs in 2 days!!!
Cleanse lasts 2 days
1 Bottle AM before Breakfast & 1 Bottle PM before Dinner
Make Healthier Choices - NO processed, fried, fatty foods or Alcohol

That's all it is. You drink the bottles room temp so no fuss. Just throw them in your bag and go. I have people ask me just what I eat during the cleanse and how I modify for my family so here is a little window into the last two days for me. 

Breakfast - Protein Shake **Lately I have been loving GNC Total Lean 25. It's high protein / low carb and tastes amazing! Both days I had Banana.

Lunch - Day 1 was shown below. Quick grilled chicken strips w/ steamed Green Beans. And don't judge but I love my Diet Dr Pepper from QT :) 

Day 2 was Subway Roasted Chicken Sub with Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumber, Onion, Light Mayo, S&P.


Dinner - Day 1 was Baked Fish & Salad. Kids also had  baked Tots.

Day2 is shown below. Rotisserie Chicken, Baked Potato & Salad. **Can you tell the difference between my plate and the kids plate?

Snacks - Apple, Yogurt, Cucumbers, Pretzel Thins

I hope this helps you to see that it is completely easy to fit this into your lifestyle. It is a great way to really jumpstart your weightloss or drive that scale back down when you have hit a plateau. As for the taste, I always describe it like a spicy Fruit Punch. My first bottle Round 1 was a bit rough going down because the cayenne seemed so spicy. But since then I have no problem at all. 

If you want more information on trying the Cleanse or any other It Works products that have caught your eye please leave a comment below or shoot me an email  

Or to browse our products and see what we are all about click on the "Products" tab here and take a look around! 


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